Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I have a toddler.

I have been thinking alot about what I want to post in honor of Wyatts first birthday. And I'm having a hard time. SO, I'm just going to ramble. Because obviously I'm really good at that. And I'll throw in some random photos for you.

We had his one year appointment today. He's 19.1 pounds, 29.5 inches. Which is 5%ile in wieght and 44%ile in height. He did really well, and really charmed the nurses.


He loves to clap, and he says three words: "Duh-dye" (bye-bye) "Duh-Dee" (daddy) and "Doh-Dee" (doggie) and yes, they all sound exactly the same. He is cutting his fourth tooth now. He has the bottom two and the top one on his right, and he is working on the top left.

He loves rice and mac and cheese. Also the cookie part of an oreo. He makes a little smacking sound when he eats that I think is literally the cutest thing ever. I have been trying to get it on video, but everytime I do, he stops. Of course.

He has learned to stomp his feet. Not in anger, but in fun. He thinks is so funny, and he does it all the time. He gives hugs and kisses (sometimes) when you ask for them. Like runs as fast as he can to come give you a hug.

He is always happy, and brightens our day. His laugh is contagious. And it takes over his whole body.

Everyday I am just amazed that this little person is real. And he's really mine.

When he waves bye-bye, he never does it when you leave without him.. He does it when he wants to leave. He'll be standing in the kitchen and wave and say bye-bye, then he goes straight to the garage door.

He loves to climb on things, in things, over things any things. And sometimes he gets stuck.

He is always so excited to see you. Always, even if its been 5 minutes.

Meet Wyatt, at one year old.
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Bekah said...

Aw! Happy Birthday Handsome!

Lisa said...

awwww what a sweet post!

Amber and Brian said...

Loved this post and the booty picture is the cutest thing! haha!

Jamie said...

What a cutie pie!!!! Love little Wyatt!

Vanessa Rogers said... sweet. I love the random pictures too!

Samantha said...

OMG, I have this SAME naked picture of Brayden on the SAME zebra!!! haha! What is it about that toy???