Sunday, February 26, 2012

Holy Cow I'm Pregnant

It's 5:50 am 2/22

I'm freaking out less now. I am starting to get excited! As much as I don't want 3 Oct birthdays, I feel like the timing is perfect. Maternity leave covers all the major holidays, I'm only pregnant during one calendar year, and I'll potentially have this baby while I'm still 30, not 31, lol.

I am a little bummed, as I just bought a ton of new clothes for work. Thankfully they mostly still have tags, so back to the store they will go. I did pretty well last time around staying in PP clothes for a while, so we'll have to see.

I am officially 10 pounds exactly heavier than I was when we got pregnant with Wyatt. I feel like this puts me at a disadvantage. I'm going to talk to Jaye to see if she can set me up with an eating plan. I may try to do a mock GD diet, just so I don't end up gaining 40 pounds or something. We shall see.

Today is 2/22/2012 and I'm Pregnant!!!!

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