Friday, June 29, 2012

Quick Update on the ladies.


Yes, that is a size, and yes, I'm now wearing it. Stab me in the eye, we still have 18 weeks to go. Good news is, VS now carries DDD, but in limited styles, and online only. Let me direct you to this post which gives the rundown of my last pregnancy, and the journey of my over the shoulder boulder holders...

In case you're lazy, I'll break it down for you.

Pregnant with Wyatt:
Started in a C
8 weeks - moved to D
28 weeks - DD
34 weeks - E
Post partum, after milk came in - F

Pregnant with Willow:
Started in a C
6 weeks - moved to D
16 weeks - DD
22 weeks - DDD 

I am SCARED. I am more than 10 weeks ahead of where I was last time! At this rate I'll be in an F by the time I hit 3rd tri, and at least a G by delivery. That puts me in an H when my milk comes in! I won't be able to stand up??!! And where in the HECK am I supposed to buy a 34 H (HHH!!!!) nursing bra?! Pin It