Friday, June 13, 2008

Drunk Blogging

Sooo... I'm a little drunk. I will apoligze now for any typring, spelling ot grammatical errros that may occur.

We went to Happy Hour with my neighboor and dear friend Melissa. We saw Katie and some noew friends of melissas. then we (kim, jessie and I ) met Kenny and Scott at the Rock (a gay bar we frequent).

Jessie was following us to the bar, and we got there first. wHEN kima nd I got out of the car we saw "jessie". There had been a car that had jsut left. So I flagged "jessie" to the parking spot. )Insert air traffic controller here". "Jeesie" parks and gets out of the car. Surprise! "Jessie" turns out to be a carful (literally) of 5 gay guys who looked like they just walked out of a SCottsdale bar. Who i had just directed to the open parking spo. so i say "I'm sorry, we thought you were out friends! I awear I"m not that crazy" 4 of the guy just laugh and say its ok anf anothe r one says "yeah, we're not your fiends" all mean Like. I was loike ooook. erky gay guys.

Fast forawrd to the end of the night and one of the guys (who probably was not the one who made the jerky comment) keeps saying "hey white-hat, het white hat" to my husband (who is wearing a white het) over and over. Scoot just ignores them, but I said "what do you need" (very politley) and they said "get that guy" pointing to scott. i said "who, my husband?" lol they were very dissapointed.

That is my runken blog. I hope you enjoywed. :) ime for bed! Pin It


kim said...

I loved it!! You crack me up friend w/ all of your drunkeness! :o)