Saturday, June 14, 2008


Was a good day. Kim got a new tattoo and I went along for emotional support (and someone to talk to). I think it came out awesome! It's a mirrored bass clef, to honor her brother. Joe with Chromo Tattoos did an awesome job, and was laughing and joking with us through the entire process. We looked at some more of his pieces on his myspace, and he just does all around great work. Thanks go to Jessie for the recommendation.

Sitting in the shop, watching Kim "get inked" really got my tattoo itch going again. I've been thinking alot about what I want to get done next. I know I want to expand on my "tramp stamp". It was my first tattoo and is very simple. So I'd like to add some color and flair to it. I really need to get my blue one retouched as well. But I don't think that fixing/adding will cure the bug like a new piece would....

As you all know, I am obsessed with peas. Literally. Odlly enough I refuse to eat them. I think they are gross. But I like to look at pea things, I guess. I've been thinking about getting a pea pod to symbolize our marriage, and add a pea for every child. I'd like it to be small, and right next to my hip. We were tossing around some ideas today, and I think it just may work! I'd like to start with just two peas (for me and Scott) in a pod, and add as our family grows, but I'm not sure how exactly to accomplish this. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to share! Pin It


kim said...

Aww thanks friend! Ya Joe did a great job... I'm goin back for more! Team Joe...

I love this idea for your tat2.... it would be perfect... solves the color issue that we talked about as well as there'd be room to add more peas as you guys grow!


Nichole said...

Hi! I randomly found your blog while doing a search for peapod tattoos. My husband and I are getting matching peapod tattoos to represent our little family (3 of us now, including our daughter) and are having the same issues about adding a pea.

We aren't having another child yet, but it's always in the back of my mind, and I'm wondering how to make room to add a pea, etc. I was thinking if anything, you could just add the others outside the peapod.

We have referred to ourselves as the 3 peas since our daughter was born, and our last name starts with P as well, so it sorta stuck.

Good luck getting your tattoo!