Monday, June 16, 2008


I told myself when I started this blog that I would make an entry everyday. I've done pretty well so far, until yesterday. So today, I have to write two. That is pretty fair punishment I think.

Yesterday was Fathers Day. We went to lunch with my family at a Koren restaurant. My mom, dad, Scott and I all got sushi (yum!). My sister had the teritaki chicken. Everything was going fine until they brought out the "side dishes" for my sisters meal. None of it really looked like food. There was one especially that we weren't sure what it was, my mom said green beans, I said gross. Upon futher inspection we realized I was right. Gross. A little bowl full of little tiny fishes. With all their heads on. Some only had heads! Yuck. So we figure out its anchovies. So my dad starts eating them. Not on anything, just with a fork. I can't get over the fact that they all still have heads. My sister said thats how they come on pizza, too. yuck. So my dad is still eating these things, and comments that he can't imagine someone wanting to eat them on pizza. I told him I couldn't imagine someone wanting to eat them with a fork. yuck. Then of course everyone had to tease me about eating sushi but not anchovies. They still had heads people! Heads!
After lunch we headed over to Scotts parents house. We helped them set up the 30 gal aquarium we all got Dave for fathers day. Good times. It took all 4 of us o figure out how to set up the filter. That was with directions and an engineer! Holy complicated. (instructions pictured are not for a filter system. Please do not attempt at home...)

After we triumphed over said fish tank, we went to Tims house, to purchase my new phone. I love my new phone! I got the T-Mobile HTC Wing. Its like a Blackberry and a Sidekick had a baby (see, I do mention babies in every post!). I have Windows Mobile, which means I can do pretty much everything from my phone! I love it! It has a calendar that I can synch with outlook, so I will never forget what time my nail appointments are, I stay looged onto my yahoo account at all times, so when I get a new email it alerts me like a text message, so I won't miss any important news! I have IM software, and can play mp3s. I love it! Plus its blue, and blue is my favorite color! Its got a camera and video, speaker phone etc.

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Michelle said...

Eww Anchovies! Yuck!

I have a blackberry and I seriously don't know how I have lived without one. I also getmy yahoo mail directly to my phone. And all that other stuff you mentioned. I love it!

My husband has had every phone (since he worked for t-mobile and verizon) and he just got his new one today. It's the enV2. He's at work so I opened it and now I am playing with it. LOL

Enjoy your new phone! I love my blackberry!