Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 2... sorta

Well, I'm doing it. I finished my last pack of cigarettes on Saturday. I helped Scott smoke his while at a party Saturday night. I literally smoked 2 (ok, 3) cigarettes yesterday. If you compare this to the fact that I was at almost a pack a day for a while (at least a year) I"m doing pretty damn good!

Today is day 2 quitting, and Day 1 with out a cigarette. My day is almost half way over, and this sucks. I'm not proud of my self right now. I have no self righteous glee to get me through this time. Instead I sit here in misery. My head hurts, my stomach hurts, I'm hungier than I can ever remember being. I noticed this morning that I really wanted breakfast. I don't usually eat breakfast, so this was a little unsual for me. I realized that I'm not hungry because I smoke first thing. Nicotine is an appetite suppressant. So now I've been eating all day long. I am not excited about this.

Quitting smoking is hard. Especially by yourself. Right now I'm going cold turkey. And it sucks. My stomach hurts, and I'm feeling really jittery. I am also feeling the need to lash out. My patience is gone, my empathy is shot. Basically I'm in a pissy big mouth mood. And I have to play nice at work. Today sucks. Pin It


Lisa said...

We can do it together Mya!! I have only had 2 cigs today so far. I am trying to finish out this pack (I have about 8 left) and then it will be cold turkey for me too. It does suck...bad!