Monday, July 7, 2008

Enough is Enough

Have you ever gotten to a point in your life where you realized things have gotten out of control? I hit that point today. Before I go any further, I need to clarify this. I do not think I'm fat. Ok. Moving on.

I am the biggest I've ever been in my whole life right now. 114 lbs!!! 114! When I hit 110, I thought to myself, wow, you better start doing someting about this. But since I know I'm not fat, it just kept getting pushed to the wayside. Motivation just wasn't there. Scott still thinks I'm sexy, most of my clothes still fit ok, everyone else comments on how tiny I am. So I let it slide. Well, four pounds later, the weight isn't sliding. I'm done. I want to be in good shape when we get pg (of course) so I'll be more motivated to get back to pre-pg weight. I need to quit smoking, and I need to eat healthier.

The real kicker happened today. I had decided to start swimming. Its an awesome cardio workout, plus it works out the muscles I'd really like to tone (back, arms and legs). It is a real full body workout. Plus, I figured I can keep swimming while pg, so I wouldn't have to get out of my routine. (You know this had something to do with babies, everything does) I went today and managed to swim 5 lengths. 5. I couldn't even swim back again to get back to where I sarted from! This was just a slap in the face with how completely out of shape I am. I really can't believe I ever let myself get so out of shape! This is insane. I used to do ballet on a daily basis! There was one point in time (in a summer program through y high school) that I danced from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday for 6 weeks. And now I can't even swim 5 laps without dying.

So, here's THE PLAN:
  • I will continue to go to the gym as usual with my awesome workout buddies 2-3 times a week. Concentrating more on muscle tone and flexibility.

  • Every morning I will go to the gym and swim. I hesitate to put a time limit on this, since now I lasted 10 minutes, and I can only assume that I will be able to swim for longer each time I go. But I want to actively do better each time. Today I swam 5 lengths, tomorrow will be 6 and so forth.

  • I am going to cut soda out of my diet again. That made a big difference last time (last 2 lbs in less than a month, no exercise)

  • I am going to quit smoking. This ones the doozy. I plan on buying the nicotine patch this weekend. So heres a friendly warning, I may not be very social for the next week or so...

So that is my plan. I am asking you to help me with this. If you see me doing one of the things I'm going to stop doing, kindly remind me of The Plan. If you see me NOT doing the things I said I was going to start doing, kindly remind of The Plan. On the flip side, positive reinforcement is a very valuable tool. So if you notice that The Plan has been working, please let me know!

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Lisa said...

I just posted on my blog how I am going to quit smoking! We can do it together!!

OH and BTW..You look great : P

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!!! I think it's a great idea to stop smoking. I'm sending you positive vibes from NY.


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you! Good luck to you and if you need any help...we are all here for you!!