Saturday, July 5, 2008

Long time no see...

I think I have pretty much given up on this whole blog everyday thing. Oh well. My life really isn't all that interesting anyway. So, moving right along....

Yesterday was Independence Day. We didn't really do anything too interesting. My sister came over and we did some shopping. First we saw the movie Hancock. The girls all liked it, the boys not so much. Scott was expecing a new superhero movie, so he was a little disppointed that it wasn't really like that. This movie was more about heart. Next we headed over to Babies R Us (BRU) to pick up some things for our friend Stephanie's baby shower. This is their fourth child, and the first girl! So of course they have nothing for her. They are very excited, and I had fun picking out items from her registry. After lunch Anna and I headed to JoAnn fabrics for some yarn and a basket for Stephanies gifts. While we were there, I picked up some yarn and a set of knitting needles, so my sister can teah me how to knit. So far so good, if I do say so myself. I'm working on a blaket, which I think is harder than it looks.
Anyway, I still want babies, we still have to wait, but I'm thinking of adding a ticker, as the countdown ha begun!
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