Monday, April 6, 2009


Rocky is most definitely not doing well. I went home to check on him during my lunch, and I thought he had passed, he was so cold, and didn't move at all. He finally started to make this pathetic little wheezing noise, so I knew he was still alive. I am so worried about him. I feel like Socks was never this sick, although Scott assures me that he was. I hate this. I hate not wanting to leave the house in case he dies before we get home, and I hate not wanting to come home again to find him dead. I just want all of my babies to be better.

So we called the vet to make sure that there is nothing else we could possibly be doing, and with their assurances we will continue the same treatment. I hope that Rocky will recover as quickly as Socks has, otherwise it is not looking good for him at all.

Speaking of Socks, he is all better now! He is barking at strangers (and friends too, for that matter), trying to play with us, and begging for table scraps again! We moved him out of the sick room today, and now it is just a matter of regaining his lost weight (he's down to just over 4 lbs) and muscle. Pin It