Monday, April 6, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Rocky's situation has not improved as the day has gone by. I can't be certain that it has gotten worse, but that is a pretty safe assumption.

We do not expect him to last through the night.

This is horrible. I am hurting so badly right now. We all are. It is so difficult to sit and tell him how much we love him, and that he was the best dog ever, knowing that this may be the last things we say to him. He is laying in our room (aka the infirmary) right now, and we are trying to keep it together. We are dreading going to sleep, in fear that he won't be our Rocky anymore when we wake.

This is my dog. My little Rockefeller. Rocky who cuddles up between my legs every night, until we got pregnant, now he sleeps curled up over my uterus. Rocky who is the first to sing along when we all start howling. My puppy, who is the friendliest of dogs, who sits on strangers laps at the dog park.

I am aching. I need him to heal.
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Jenni said...

Oh Mya!! I am soo sorry.. I hate this.. I am praying your little Rocky makes it through.. Good thought, Good thoughts..