Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I have talked to a few of you who asked for updates on my Sister In Law. So here we are.

Here is a c/p of an update email from my Brother In Law.

I'm not going to try and word this to make things sound different than they are.

Debi is not doing well. She currently is on a breathing machine as her respiratory system began to shut down. She has an infection that is causing her blood pressure to be very low and her heart rate to be very high. Debi's digestive system is blocked again and the tubes for her to get nutrition are causing her stomach to swell. She is not strong enough for chemo. She needs a miracle.

A miracle is what Debi is in so many different ways so I still think one can happen. We all think one can happen. They drained fluid from around her lungs and her blood pressure came up and her heart rate has come down. Debi has been placed in a partial medical induced coma. She still wakes up and knows we are there. She can't talk because of the tube but still wants to write things. The first time she woke up with the tube in she wrote "Tube?" so we explained why she had it. She has written many more things however the two that I want you all to read, say to yourselves, and hold in your heart. Debi is not giving up. She never will. She believes. She wrote the following:

me and GOD (GOD was written in very large letters) :)

She also wrote this morning:
"God can do anything. Don't give up hope"

Debi needs your prayers.

I wanted to try and candy coat it but this is another fork in the road of Debi's life and we all hope something, anything, God will show her the way.


I haven't gotten an update today, but this is sort of where we stand.

*The "medically induced coma" is a little alarmist for my tastes. She has been intubated (long breathing tube all the way down into her lungs), and the standard procedure that goes along with this is heavy sedation. The tube is so uncomfortable, you can't talk, you feel like you aren't pulling any air in, it forces your mouth open etc, that people instincually attempt to rip it out. So rather than watch every move their hands make, and make them conciously aware of this horrible tube down their throat, they are sedated. They simply sleep through it.

Debi however, the fighter that she is, doesn't want to play that way. She's dealing with the awkwardness of the tube, so that she can retain a small piece of normalcy, I assume. She may not be able to speak to us, but she sure can communicate. So she's writing us notes. Making her wishes known. Some of which are "I want to sleep now. I want to be out" so out she goes. But when she is awake, she is always reminding us of how powerful our Lord is, and that He can do anything.

So yes, she is sedated. But she isn't in a coma... But she still needs our prayers. Pin It


Erin said...

I'm thinking of and praying for Scott and his family right now. Thank you for the update. I hope you and Scott can feel all the love I'm sending your way.